Melissa Hook: Currently a partner of ManDown Pictures, Melissa is a
graduate of USC's Film School.  She spent two years working in
development and literary representation for Benderspink.  In 2006, Melissa
sold her original comedy film pitch, Man Wedding, to New Regency and is
attached as an Executive Producer. Most recently, she worked in series
programming at MTV. Melissa is also a member of New York Women in Film
and Television.

Pouya Shahbazian: Trained in the Hollywood mailroom, Pouya's
entertainment experience is predominantly in representation.  After working
as an attorney in Los Angeles, Pouya entered the entertainment industry at
Warner Brothers and later joined The BWCS Agency, specializing in motion
picture literary representation. He co-founded ManDown Pictures in
February 2007.

Alice Weinberg: After beginning her career in documentary and
independent film in San Francisco, Alice moved to New York, where she
worked for VH1 and MTV for over two years. At MTV, she was an associate
producer of TRUE LIFE, MTV's award-winning documentary series, before
transferring to work directly under the VP of Production and Original Online
Programming.  She co-founded ManDown Pictures in February of 2007.
Alice is an active member of New York Women in Film and Television.
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